How to transfer balance in Ntc, Ncell & Smart cell

how to transfer balance in ntc

Have you ever transferred your mobile balance? Mobile balance can be transferred easily, Most of us know. Today we will teach you, How to transfer balance in Ntc, Ncell & Smart cell. Transferring a balance from one to another mobile within the same network is available in NTC, Ncell and Smart. Especially if we don’t have money and there is no balance on the mobile, the balance transfer facility is very useful. Similarly, when friends and relatives have a recharge problem, we can help by sending balance.

A balance transfer facility is provided by NTC, Ncell and Smart Cell for its customers. Every network has different methods and rules for transferring balances. Balance can be transferred within the same network. But we cannot send balances from one service provider to another.

How to transfer balance in ntc

For example, balance can be transferred from NTC to NTC but NTC balance cannot be sent to another network like Ncell or Smart. Similarly, Ncell balance also cannot be sent to NTC or Smart. This service is very helpful to the customers in dire need of balance.

Here you will know the procedure, how to transfer balance from ntc to ntc. Don’t skip, keep reading full article.

How to transfer balance in NTC

NTC Prepaid users can transfer Rs 10 to Rs 200 from their main balance. A balance transfer can be done after getting a security code from Nepal Telecom. To transfer balance, you must have a security code. If you do not have a security code, you can find the procedure below, how to get a security code.

Dial * 422 * SecurityCode * Phone Number * Amount(Rs) #

With Balance Transfer, Receiver Mobile will not receive an increased valid date. The minimum amount can be transferred is Rs 10 and the maximum is Rs 200. You can transfer up to 10 times a day. The service is free of charge.

There is no extra charge for balance transfer in NTC network. When you transfer Rs 10, you get a balance of Rs 10. Transfer facility is available on GSM prepaid or CDMA. The balance of CDMA numbers (Sky numbers) can also be transferred through this method.

How to get the Security code in Ntc?

To transfer a balance you need security code. Security code can obtain by sending a message to Nepal telecom. Security code should keep safe, it shouldn’t be shared with anyone.

To get your Security Code, Send “SCODE” to 1415

If you didn’t receive any security code after sending SMS to 1415, you should contact the customer care of NTC or visit the nearest branch of Nepal telecom. You should carry your id proof, later your security code will be provided by NTC After verification.

How to transfer balance in Ncell

Ncell Prepaid users can send and receive balance anytime, anywhere from their mobile to their friend’s and family numbers. But the Ncell balance transfer service is not free as NTC.

To transfer balance,
Dial *17122* receiver mobile number * amount #.

For example, to transfer Rs. 10, dial *17122*9806512345*10#

Prepaid users can activate service by dialing 17122 for free. Transfer can be done up to 3 times a day, the minimum amount is 10 and maximum of Rs. 200. Ncell charges transfer free, Re. 1(exclusive of taxes) as service charge from the transferred amount.

Balance can be transferred from Prepaid to Prepaid numbers only. The transferred amount can be utilized for making calls, sending SMS or MMS, and surfing the internet.

How to transfer balance in Ntc from Ncell?

Many people ask How to transfer balance in Ntc from Ncell? Balance can be transferred within the only the same network, we cannot transfer balance in different network. Neither Transfering Ntc to Ncell is possible, nor Ncell to Ntc is possible.

Each of the telecom operators is a separate company from other, so the balance amount can be used to call or transfer within the same operator.