How to take good photos from mobile? 7 tips you should know.

taking good photos

Everyone has a mobile phone in their hands. We can’t live without a mobile nowadays. Mobile has multiple uses in our life. Nowadays camera is main key feature that people are looking before they buy mobile. Taking photograph and selfie is trending now. We are capturing our precious moment of our life and posting in social media. That’s the reason why people are buying expensive mobile for selfies and photographs. Dslr cannot be replaced by mobile camera’s but they are improving the quality really well. So, mobile companies are also making selfie good mobiles with high megapixels and multiple cameras. How to take good photos from mobile? 7 tips should know.

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Selfie and photos are edited from Mobile and posted on social media. Most people irritate if the selfie doesn’t come up with a good photo. But, there are several reasons why a photo may look bad. How to take good photos from mobile? take a look at the list that teaches you how to take good photos.

how to take good photo from mobile

1. Position of the camera

Anyone taking a photo must adjust the position of the camera. If the camera position is unmatched, the photo will look bad and camera shouldn’t move while click photo. Therefore, the first priority should be to consider the position of the camera. If you want a good photo, then the position of the camera should be in good position.

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2. Location choice

The selfie has to choose the right place, which makes the photo great. It is great to take pictures in beautiful gardens, beautiful places, mountains, etc. When taking photos, you need to look at the back. Because taking selfies in some places the background scene makes a photo attractive.

3. Selfie stick

If you want to take good photos from selfie, then the use of selfie stick is essential. Selfie stick captures better images with background and better for motion blur problem.

4. Do not zoom

Do not zoom the mobile camera while taking selfies. Zooming down reduces the quality of the photo and stains the photo. Zooming on a phone is not considered good idea for a clicking better photo.

5. Makeup

People who take selfies should also focus on makeup. A lot of makeup doesn’t make the photo look good. So heavy makeup is not good for selfies. But, Selfie seems is good when it comes to simple makeup.

6. Lighting

Lighting plays main role to click good photo. The right combination of light makes the photo look great. The photos are beautiful if the lights are adjusted while taking a selfie. The front light has a flash light on the front camera. For this reason only the combination of lights should be adjusted by considering the surrounding light.

7. Photo capture position

Body should not be stretched when taking a photo. The photo is good only if the body is allowed to pose without leaving the body as it is. If the body starts to be stretched wrongly, then the photo will be bad.