How to save battery life on android | Tips & Tricks

how to save Battery life

Are you stressed of your phones short battery life? Or you’re in trouble while carrying a power bank ? There are many things you can do for maximise your battery life and avoid draining power very quickly. Today you will know important tips to keep the battery backup longer. Learn How to save battery life on android.

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Always Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Every smartphone has inbuilt Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS system available. These features consume battery power very highly and drain battery very fast. Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS should be turned off always when it is not in use. Turning it on when it needed but it should be off when it is not in use. Sometimes we open it and forget, which never should be done.

Most of the time we use these features and forget to turn off when it is not needed. Most people don’t care of turning off wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS, which is a big mistake. After using Wi-fi and Bluetooth should be turned off always otherwise it will drain battery very fast and cause battery damage too.

Airplane mode is the battery’s friend. If Network is not available then you can keep your phone in airplane mode, it consumes battery very low.

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Turn off automatic app updates

Apps Auto updates should be turned off always. We use several apps on our android phone according to our needs. Apps consumes battery power everybody knows but if we turned on auto-updates in the Playstore, it consumes more battery power. Auto updates consumes battery power even you don’t need it.

App Update should be in manual mode. when updates available you will be notified and ask for update. But auto update feature updates app automatically and consumes battery power fast without your knowledge.

Turn off Touch Sound

Another reason for draining battery fast is unnecessary Touch sound use. Touch sound is not so necessary. Each and every time we touch or type screen sound comes out, which is not necessary to keep.

Always Turn off Touch sound, it will save your battery life.

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how to save battery life ?

Keeping the brightness low and screen time low

Screen time and brightness should be always low. Reduce the brightness manually to suit your needs. Similarly, keep the screen timeout short.

If the screen timeout short then it is good for the battery. If the screen time out is 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, then it drains your battery power faster. So keep your screen timeout 15 seconds – 30 seconds, which is idle for long battery life.

Remove live wallpaper, turn on the dark mode

Use static photos instead of live wallpapers on mobile. Wallpaper consumes more battery power. If your phone has an Emerald or OLED screen, use Plain Black Wallpaper.

If your mobile has a Dark mode feature you can use it. Which increases the battery life.

Only use data in required apps

Various apps are consuming data in the background. As a result, the battery is also being consumed.

You can turn off background data for those apps by going to settings. This reduces data and battery consumption.

Do not use duplicate chargers

Duplicate charger is very big issue for battery life. Using duplicate charger can damage battery life too.

Do not use duplicate chargers. As a result, the battery is not well charged and battery life is also reduced.

Turn off voice assistant

Turn off Google Assistant and iPhone headphones from Google. So that the microphone on your phone goes on. This also leads to higher battery consumption.

Turn off the Motion Activity feature

It also has the feature to turn on the phone itself if you wake up the phone or the display itself is turned on when the hands are rotated on the display.

Different mobile apps are also used for this. Don’t use it. Because it continuously turns the sensor on. Which leads to higher battery consumption.

How to save battery life on android | Tips & Tricks