How to hide WiFi network from Worldlink app, Must know

how to hide wifi

Is your WiFi password stolen? Is your internet slow when others steal your password and use the internet? Today we will give you information about how to protect WiFi from wifi hackers. Here you will know, how to hide wifi network in this article.

You can easily hide WiFi network from Worldlink mobile app, If you are using Worldlink internet, this article will help you a lot to save your wifi password from being stolen.

Wifi hackers can easily steal your password through software easily. If Your password has been stolen and used the internet by others then you must be aware. here we will tell you how you can prevent your WorldLink’s WiFi signal from being stolen.

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Here we will tell you how to hide the WiFi signal using the WorldLink Internet app. If you don’t have a WorldLink app on your mobile, please download it. After downloading the app, you can open the app by clicking. Then WorldLink’s dashboard opens on your mobile and you can see all the details about your account here. In this app, you can see your internet subscription, see how much internet is being used daily, check internet speed.

Now we have to click on the router section to change the wifi password or hide the wifi signal, then another page opens. Here you can see WiFi, connected device, device filtering options.

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You can see the devices connected to your WiFi on the connected device option. If you have an unknown device other than your own or someone has stolen a Wi-Fi password, you can view the device here. You can easily block such a device. For that you click on the device name, the message comes, click OK. Now the filter mode message is coming, if you think that the password is being stolen, you can click the blacklist of the device. Now the device goes to the blacklist.

Here is my experience, I have 15 devices on my blacklist. All of them were stealing my password and running it. After I blacklisted them, now they can’t steal my password and use the internet.

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How to change Worldlink password

To hide WiFi or change password on worldlink app, go to the WiFi option. Now you will see the option, change password. If you want to change your password here, you can change the password by clicking the Change Password button.

It will generate a strong password automatically, after that you need to note that password and save it.  Or you can put your own password too.

How to hide the WiFi network

Under the Wifi option on worldlink app, you can hide your wifi network. If you want to hide your WiFi network, you can click Hide Your WiFi and save it. It will hide your network .

Before hiding WiFi, remember the name of WiFi well or write it down somewhere. Hiding WiFi Hides the name of your WiFi, no one can see. If you do this, no one will be able to steal your WiFi password.

It is impossible for others to find your WiFi network and make a connection, even if you have to connect to your device by typing your WiFi name. This way, your WiFi internet will not be stolen after hiding WiFi, this is the best idea, as I experienced.