How to find Mobile Number Easily? Find out how !

Ncell number

Is the mobile number you are using is registered under some other’s name? How to find the owner name? Dont worry we will tell you the procedure. If it is registered under some other’s name, then it would be good to get your name on time. Simcard numbers only should be used by the concerned person.

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If you let others use the mobile number in your name, doing so can be harmful to you. If your mobile number misused, you will be responsible and you are sure to get the problem. The mobile number registered in your name becomes your identity. So it is best do not let others to use your number as much as possible.

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If some other is using number belongs to you then you should transfer to their name. And if you are using some others then better to transfer to your name. It is necessary to contact the office of the concerned telecommunication company with the necessary documents. As soon as telecom going to bring the rules that sim card should be used only by only concerned persons.

This rule is applied for both NTC and NCELL sim cards. To transfer Namaste Postpaid number, both people should go to the telecom office. Along with an identity card (citizenship and passport). According to Nepal Telecom, Simcard ownership fee of Rs 565 and nominal fee of Rs 113 should be paid for the transfer.

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How to find an owner’s name?

You can know easily the registrant name by sending a message. Transfer number on time is better for the user. Due to the new rule, the mobile number will no longer allow to be used by other people.

For NEPAL TELECOM You can find out the registered name by typing scode and sending a message to 1415.

For NCELL you can dial * 9966 # and find out the name of the registrant.

The mobile number is used as the identification of the person. Due to this, the registered mobile number will no longer be used in the name of others. The mobile number you are using must be in your name.