How to Check Your Mobile Number easily | NTC, Ncell & Smart cell

check number easily

Have you ever forgotten your mobile number? If so, what do you do to find the number? Do you know how to check ncell number? or smart cell or NTC number. You can check your number easily. We will tell you how. keep reading.

Of course, you can call a friend around you and see your mobile number. Many of us have used this method. But what if no one is around you when you need it?

Sometimes we have to give our mobile number to someone or write a contact number when filling an application. There is a problem if you do not remember your number at this time. You can call and see your number if there is someone around, but what if there is no one?

how to check ncell number

We will teach you an easy way to check your mobile number, read our full article. This knowledge can be very useful in times of trouble. Here we will teach you how to check your own number in NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell easily.

NTC user, Follow step by step

How to Check Own Number in NTC

  • First, open your Phone Dialer.
  • You should dial *9# and make a “call”.
  • You will receive your NTC number on your phone.
  • With just a second you can easily find your forgotten mobile number.

Ncell user, here is the step by step guide

How to Check Own Number in Ncell

  • First, Open your Phone Dialer.
  • You need to Dial *903# or *103# and make a “call”.
  • Soon after, You will receive your Ncell number on the phone.

Smart Cell user, follow these steps

How to Check Own Number in Smart Cell

  • First, Open your Phone Dialer.
  • Dial *134# on you phone and make a “call”.
  • You will receive your Smart Cell number on the phone, just after a second.

These are very easy steps to find your own mobile number if you know this simple method. But many of us may don’t know these golden steps to find own number.

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