Hari Bansa Acharya | New Gaijatra Video ‘Timi Ke Janne’ | Video 2020

hari bansa acharya

Comedian hari bansa acharya comedy Gaijatra song ‘Timi Ke Ko Jaane’ has been released. The song is produced by Mah Sanchar. The video of this Gaijatra song has been released through the official channel of Maha Sanchar. This song is written by hari bansa acharya. Similarly, this song has been sung by Hari Bansa himself and the music has been given. This song has been prepared by satirizing the contemporary issues of the country. This song by singer Acharya shows how to flatter a leader in power. Leaders have tried to satirize how they are deifying themselves.

The song also tries to tell about the deification of the person in power. The video of this song has been shot by Hari Humagain. Similarly, Sushil Neupane has edited and VFX has been prepared and the video of the song has been directed by Sagar Raj Sharma.

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Hari Bansa Acharya has played the role of the leader in the video of this song which has been prepared with a lot of satire. Shashi Kumar Khadka, Kiran Tuladhar, Vikas Bhattarai, Sushma Karki and others have acted in the video. This song is dedicated to all political parties. This is not the first comedy song of haribansa, he has done several Maha comedy in Maha sanchar with Madan Krishna Shrestha.

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