What is TRP & How is it calculated | Full form of TRP

Full form of trp

TRP is most important for television channel & TV Programs. TRP is the most important tool/ method to measure the popularity of Television, Channel or TV Programs. If you don’t know what is TRP, How is it calculated? Here you will know also know the full form of TRP in the media world. Keep reading you will get valuable information about it.

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Full form of TRP

Television rating point is the full form of TRP. This is the system that measures the popularity of TV channels, which is a worldwide measurement method. Higher TRP means more audience more money.

What is TRP?

TRP is basically a method/tool to judge the popularity of a particular television programme or TV channel. It is calculated based on how many people are watching and how long people are watching the Channel or Programmes. All over the world, popularity of Television Channels judges by TRP.

If you use Youtube, you know views, watch time and comments are tool to find how popular a channel or video is on Youtube, TRP is the same kind of tool which is used for TV.

If the TV channel has a better TRP and more people are watching it, the advertisers will be ready to pay more money for their advertisement. Because ads reach a wider audience.

Do you know, Why TRP matters so much in Television Industry?

If TRP increases, advertisers pay more, TV channels would make more money. But when TRP decreases Channel gets fewer ads and advertisers pay less, that’s why every channel wants to stay ahead on TRP. TRP helps TV channel to decides which programmes should be extended and which to close. Higher TRP plays an important role, higher Trp means more people watching the programme and more ads revenue.

How TRP is calculated?

TRP is measured by an industry body. BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) is providing TV rating services for several TV channehls on a commercial basis in India since 2015. It Publishes results on its website every week. To measure TRP, BARC install meters in some selective households. It is also called People’s Meter. These meter measures viewership of the channels and tracks how much TRP/impressions were generated by channels and which show is being watched and for how long.

Every week, readings are observed from these meters to calculate Channel impression and the program duration that viewers watch. On the basis of this data, TRP decided. BARC assigned Hansa Research group to install People’s meter. People’s meter are installed in 44,000 houses from urban and rural areas include states in the country.

These meters are installed secretly, without the knowledge of the household. If it is not kept secret, the Channel owner can bribe the household and TRP can be manipulated easily by turning on a selected channel for hours.