Top 5 Websites for Copyright Free Videos – 2020

You may have heard about copyright free stock video. Many may know about the Stock Videos, but some may not. What is a stock video? Where is it used? Where to find free stock footage? If you would like to get more information, keep reading this article.

Are you looking for copyright free videos? Want to download copyright free video footage for your YouTube videos, company promotion or website? You will know here the top 5 copyright free stock video sites on the internet. Where anyone can download stock footage for absolutely free.

There are many sites on the Internet that provide free stock videos. In fact, such free footage is not uploaded by the website. All such free footage are contributed by users on the website for free. There are many sites on the Internet where you can easily find a copyright free stock videos, for even commercial use.

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If you running a channel on Youtube or create videos for youtube, such free footage is very useful. If you don’t want your face to be seen on camera, you can easily create Youtube videos using free stock footage. You can use these videos for your business promotion as well as for your websites. Using a business-oriented video is more likely to reach your audience. Videos are more effective and attractive, which attracts more visitors than the image. If you are also searching copyright free footage according to your topic, you should know this first.

What is Copyright Free Stock Video?

These videos are also known as stock video or stock footage. Such videos are accompanied by free copyright so they are called free stock video. Free stock videos are available on many websites for free to commercial use and no one can make any copyright claim on the user who uses them. It is not like Youtube videos. Youtube videos are copyright protected, the video belongs to the owner. If you used other’s YouTube videos, it will be a violation of YouTube copyright rules and video owners can claim the copyright on you.

Free stock video footage are free to use, anyone can use it without permission. At the time of upload, the creator permits anyone to use it. You will not get any copyright claim for using these videos on your website or Youtube channels but you should follow the rules.

Where to Find Free Stock Video?

You can easily find copyright free stock videos. There are many sites available on the Internet, where you can find free stock videos of your own. On some websites, you have to pay for a subscription fee and at some sites, you get absolutely free.

Like Pixabay, pexels, videvo, coverr are free sites, where you can download footage and images for free. But like the Shutterstock site, you should need to pay fees to download videos and images.

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Top 5 Websites for Free Stock Video Footage:

We have the best list of free stock videos on the internet that will give you better video quality. You can search free copyright stock video footage for any category.

# 1. Pixabay

free stock footage pixabay

Pixabay is one of the top free stock video sites available on the internet. You can find here not only videos, also images, vector graphics, illustrations for free. Anyone can download videos and images from Pixabay. Free videos can be benefited for Youtuber, developer or anyone else for any purpose like web designing, Youtube videos, social media promotion or any other work with free commercial used license. Here you get free video footage at 720p, 1080p and 4k quality videos with all category like business, promotion, lifestyle, e-commerce, green effect, development, healthcare, manufacturing or whatever category you know.

# 2. Pexels

copyright free stock video pexels

You’ve probably heard of Pexels because it’s one of the most popular sites in the world. Where millions of free stock videos and images are available with Creative Commons lincense. All videos in Pexels are free to use, but if you have to use them for commercial purposes then read their terms & conditions carefully. You can get 720p, 1080p and 4k quality videos with multiple categories according your need. Giving credit to the creator is not necessary but always appreciated on pexels.

# 3. Coverr

copyright free videos coverr

Coverr is a website where you get great free video footage. It also offers free copyright videos for all users. Here you will find videos of all types or categories to download. They are most commonly used for website homepage designing and Youtube video creation, so is the purpose of coverr. If you want, you can upload your own video contribution. Here also you can get full HD Videos to download.

# 4. Videezy

free HD videos on videezy

Are you looking for free and paid 4K videos for your project? If yes then your search may end up on the videezy site as it is one of the best sites for Free HD Stock Footage. Which provides footage with Multiple high demanding categories with paid and free options. Since this site has Adobe after effects templates available which is one of my favorites.

# 5. Mazwai

free stock footage download mazwai

Mazwai is another great site for free stock videos. Upon multiple categories, thousands of unique and quality footages are available for free on the site. At Mazwai you will find awesome footages and all of these are allowed under the Creative Commons Attribution license to reuse. Anyone can download it and use it as per their requirement. But you should have careful, there are two types of licenses. Creative Commons 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0) and Mazwai License.

Under Creative Commons 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0) License, Video is Free to use, for commercial and non-commercial works, but you must credit the author of the footage.

under Mazwai License, videos are Free to use, for commercial and non-commercial works and you don’t need to credit the author.

Note: Apart from the above 5 sites, there are other many websites available in the internet where copyright free video footage can be downloaded and use in the projects. Some creator asks to give themselves credit for video use, while some creator may not ask for credit. However, it is worthwhile to give credit for using the video free of charge, respecting the creator.

Shutterstock may be the best option for them, who were looking to buy professional paid videos. Shutterstock provides professional videos as you are looking for. In addition, there are many other sites available where free stock footage can be downloaded for free. Videvo is also one of the free sites. Where free video clips are available for download. Free and premium both options available for downloading videos on videvo.