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If you are thinking to buy a car in this festive season, then there is good news for you. The festive season has started, ford has become the first company for bringing offers. Automobile companies bring discounts and offer in every Dashain and Tihar festival. Authorized dealer of Ford vehicles for Nepal, Geo Automobiles Pvt. (Geo Ford) Ford has brought a festive offer for its customers in the purchase of ford cars in this season.

Under the Ford Festive offer Geo has offering 3 offers to the customers. Ford customers can choose one of the three offers available for their convenience. Ford also offers regular benefits such as cash discounts, road taxes for the fiscal year and one year of free insurance. In addition to cash discounts on car bookings, road tax and regular insurance benefits, customers can choose between these plans.

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If you are interested and thinking to buy ford cars, you will get three amazing schemes below for the festive offer.

ford festive offer 2077

Scratch Card

Customers will get a chance to win up to 450,000 by choosing 3 scratch cards from the box. The guarantee price for each scratch card is Rs 25,000 and at most it will be up to Rs 150,000. Under this offer, customers will get detailed insurance and basic accessories, the company said.

6 Month EMI Holiday

Under this plan, the customer will not have to pay installments to the bank for the first 6 months, so the stress of monthly installments will be relieved. The plan will be available through Machhapuchhre Bank and Geo Ford will pay the interest of the first six months for the customer. Under the scheme, customers will also get accessories and insurance.

Deferred payment

Under this plan, the customer can take delivery of the vehicle by placing a 30% down payment with a 50% delivery order issued by the bank. For the remaining 20%, the customer will be given an additional period of 4 months. In these 4 months, the customer will have to pay 20% in equal installments. After paying the remaining amount, the bank will forward the loan offer so that the customer does not have to pay the bank installment first, the company said.

According to the company, the Scheme is available in variants of Ford Figo, Ford Aspire, Ford Freestyle and Ford EcoSport.

Ford cars price in Nepal

Ford has different models of the cars available. Small to big and low prices to Luxurious Model of cars available in Nepali Market. Ford cars starts from 30 Lakhs and goes up 1 Crore and 59 Lakhs for the luxury models. Here we have listed models all the Ford cars, and Price in Nepal.

ford figo

Thinking to buy car in this festive season? Here is the Prices according to the Models, check it out.

FORD FIGO Price In Nepal

  • Ford Figo 1.2L Titanium (Petrol) – Rs. 30,99,000/-
  • Ford Figo 1.5L Titanium (Diesel) – Rs. 34,99,000/-

FORD ASPIRE Price In Nepal

  • Ford Aspire 1.2L PETROL TREND + -Rs. 31,99,000/-
  • Ford Aspire 1.2L PETROL TITANIUM – Rs. 33,49,000/-


  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL AMBIENTE – Rs. 36,90,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL TREND – Rs. 39,90,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL TITANIUM – Rs. 43,90,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL TITANIUM THUNDER – Rs. 47,40,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL TITANIUM + SPORTS – Rs. 48,90,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL Titanium A/T – Rs. 47,40,000/-.
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L PETROL Titanium + A/T – Rs. 50,90,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L DIESEL TREND – Rs. 43,99,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L DIESEL AMBIENTE – Rs. 39,99,000/-
  • Ford Ecosports 1.5L DIESEL TITANIUM – Rs. 49,40,000/-


  • Ford Endeavour 2.0L TITANIUM +A/T (Diesel) – Rs. 1,57,00,000/-
  • Ford Endeavour 2.0L TITANIUM A/T (Diesel) – Rs. 1,45,00,000/-


  • Ford FreeStyle 1.2L PETROL TITANIUM – Rs. 34,90,000/-
  • Ford FreeStyle 1.2L PETROL TITANIUM + – Rs. 36,50,000/-
  • Ford FreeStyle 1.5L DIESEL TITANIUM – Rs. 37,49,000/-

FORD RANGER Price In Nepal

  • Ford Ranger 3.2L DIESEL XL – Rs.83,00,000/-
  • Ford Ranger 3.2L XL A/T – Rs.91,00,000/-
  • Ford Ranger 3.2L DIESEL XLT A/T – Rs.99,00,000/-
  • Ford Ranger Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0L A/T (Diesel) – Rs.1,59,00,000/-

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