Apple prepares foldable iPhone, even battery will be flexible

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Apple, which lags behind other competing smartphone companies in the field of portable smartphones, is finally preparing to bring foldable smartphones. A recent patent filing by Apple in the United States reveals that the company is building a foldable iPhone and iPad.

Apple is also expected to adopt a completely different technology to compete with the foldable Android device.

foldable iphone latest news

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Although Apple has not given any official information about the foldable smartphone, the latest update released by Apple has also hinted at Apple’s mentioned preparations.

According to, which publishes news about Apple, Apple is currently working on a flexible battery to make a foldable smartphone.

Apple is expected to develop a flexible battery for the foldable iPhone or iPad of the future. The battery is being developed by Apple.

Although other companies have introduced foldable smartphones in the market, they have not been able to use foldable batteries in such smartphones yet. Apple is reportedly preparing to usher in a new era in smartphone technology with a foldable phone with a foldable battery.

Keep in mind that battery storage is the biggest challenge for foldable smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr 2019.

From the construction phase to the daily use phase, the battery of the foldable smartphone does not look very good.

Apple, on the other hand, has registered various patents in the last one or two years. This also shows that Apple is working fast to make a foldable battery. Various revelations have been made about the new design and retention of such foldable batteries.

In Apple’s new patent, the company will design the battery in such a way that the battery can be turned in any direction. If Apple can make a battery that can be turned at an angle of its own, then the foldable smartphone with the battery will be historic. This will put Apple’s technology at the forefront of the foldable smartphone market.