Factory Reset does not delete phone data permanently! Do it on Android

Factory reset data android

If you bought a new phone, what do you do with the old phone? Do you sell it or do you give it to someone else? But before that, you reset your phone, so that personal data, photos, bank account is unable to access anyone else.

If you are thinking of selling the phone after resetting the old phone, then read this. This article can be helpful for you. This can be a big mistake as well it didn’t take seriously, so read the entire article.

Even after resetting the smartphone, personal data and important details are saved in your phone. Recover can be done if one wishes. Do you know this? Some attention needs to be paid. Today we will tell you what should be done even after reset

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Do you want to know? How to Permanent Delete all Personal Data? If someone misuse Saved Personal Data in your phone, then you may also have trouble.

Specially if you are selling mobile or give your phone to someone else. You should pay special attention this time. If you give your phone to someone without deleting personal data, then it can be dangerous for you.

Factory Reset deletes all data permanently?

There is a factory reset option to delete all data on our smartphone. We all think the same, factory reset , so all the personal data saved in the phone is deleted permanently for us.

But this is not complete truth. If your mobile went in the wrong hand, the data can be recovered again.

Do you also think about this? So wait for a little, and read this. Even after the reset, your personal personal data can also be recovered easily. Yes, even after factory reset, the data is not completely removed from the phone.

Factory reset

By resetting your data is not completely deleted, rather the location of the data changes from where the data is saved. And your phone does not know where your data goes. The data was saved somewhere else before and after resetting the data goes elsewhere. By doing this, you get space on the phone, but the data Completely Delete cannot be done. Not only in phones, but this also happens in SD cards, Pen Drives, and Hard Drives too.

You must have seen that Data Recovery Software comes which recover data even after the data is deleted from the phone or any other device. Therefore, even after factory reset, selling phone or giving it to someone may dangerous to you. So let’s know what to do, how to delete data from phone permanently to no one can recover data again.

How to delete all data Permanently from your phone, watch video