Facebook has launched a new video call service with different features

facebook call service

Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, is about to launch a new video call service. Facebook is about to launch a service with a few more and different features than the current video call service.

Named “Messenger Room”, the new service allows more than 50 people to talk at a time. The Messenger Room is designed for group video conversations and meetings, events and interactions. There is no time limit for Messenger Room video chat. Arrangements have been made to communicate indefinitely.

For group video chats, one person can create a messenger room on Facebook and invite anyone for a chat. Invitations can be made to anyone without a Facebook ID. The person controlling the video conversation will be able to know who has participated in the video conversation and the person who wants to be removed can also be removed.

Arrangements have been made to start such a service after entering from the right side of Facebook. Facebook has also claimed that security and privacy have been fully ensured in the video conversation.

Facebook’s new service “Messenger Room” will be opened this week so that it can be used in some countries, while other countries are preparing to open it gradually, according to Facebook.