Attractive sound emoji available in Facebook Messenger

facebook emoji

If you are an emoji lover, you will love to know the Facebook announcement. Facebook is adding sound emoji to Facebook messenger. This is a new feature being added to Facebook Messenger. Users will now be able to send emojis with sound in Messenger.

facebook emoji icon

Facebook has brought this new feature by releasing emoji with sound since Thursday. Previously, emojis were available in messenger but it has no sound available, but now Facebook has introduced the emojis with sound in Messenger.

With this, users will now be able to send sound emojis to everyone on Facebook Messenger. Which is more appealing and more entertaining also attractive during the conversation. In which haha, applause, tunes, surprises are all included in the emoji.

Send Sound emoji to friends

To use this feature, the user has to click on the emoji that appears on the side of the message. When you click on the sound icon, you can see the emoji with different sounds.

If the emoji is sent to a friend, the sound can be heard in that emoji. Currently, there are only 11 emojis available, but emojis with other sounds will come soon, according to Facebook. Previously, this feature was only available in ludo games. Now, these features will be available for messenger users.