Facebook launches ‘Express WiFi’ in Nepal | free WiFi for public places

express wifi by facebook

Tech giant Company Facebook has launched the ‘Express WiFi’ service in Nepal. Facebook has started free ‘Express-WiFi’ internet service in 7,500 places in Nepal in collaboration with Internet service provider WorldLink. WorldLink has stated that free WiFi service will be available in various public places in Nepal. The two companies have collaborated to provide cheap, reliable and high-speed public WiFi.

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As Nepal, Facebook has partnered with local Internet companies in other countries also for Express WiFi projects. In Asia, Facebook has selected India and Nepal for such services to launch. Facebook will provide the necessary tools, including infrastructure to WorldLink for the service. Similarly, for free WiFi, the access point, network and bandwidth will be provided by the service provider company. Facebook will provide a software platform for worldlink.

You can use this service by express wifi login. Once connected to a network of express wifi service, you don’t have to connect again and again with a code. The company will provide free Wi-Fi for 15 minutes to two hours. Free internet service can be reconnected after that period.

KYC will be mandatory to get such a WiFi service. You need to have your mobile number to connect to WiFi, after receiving the code on your mobile you can register for the service. If you don’t have a mobile number, you can also use WhatsApp number. The company has stated that it will expand the service to 30,000 places in the country by giving priority to rural areas. After connecting such WiFi in one place, it will automatically connect WiFi in other places too.

Amit Singh, Facebook’s Growth Manager, said that Express WiFi will help you get high-speed internet services. Facebook has provided a cloud-based software system for high-speed Internet to worldlink, which will make the service more efficient for the project.