List of Most Expensive cars in Nepal | Brands, Models and Prices

list of expensive cars in nepal

Nowadays, expensive and luxurious vehicles are available in Nepal. As Nepali consumers are increasingly attracted to luxury cars, the companies are competing to import expensive cars. Most of the brands of luxury cars sold in Nepal are worth more than 10 million (1 Crore) rupees. Today here we are trying to cover the expensive cars available in Nepal, which is fully loaded with features and luxury.

The number of vehicles costing more than Rs 10 million in Nepal is increasing, according to the Nepal Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Land Rover, Volkswagen, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru and other luxuries and expensive cars are being sold in Nepal.

Land Rover and Range Rover

Kishor Gear has been selling Land Rover and Range Rover cars in Nepal. Land Rover and Range Rover are expensive cars even in the world auto market. Land Rover has been the choice of business houses in Nepal. 5 models of Land Rover vehicles are being sold in Nepal. At present, Land Rover cost up to 58 million rupees in Nepal.

Land Rover vehicles between Rs 31 million and Rs 60 million are sold mostly in Nepal. Land Rover is a world-famous premium luxury brand. They are at the forefront of expensive vehicles running on the roads of Nepal.


The famous German brand Mercedes can be seen in Nepal. Mercedes are selling from Rs. 340,000 to 50 million rupees. Mercedes is a luxury car in Europe. The car is famous all over the world. Mercedes has been the choice of the richest people in the world. Driving and owning the Mercedes cars are symbols of rich status and high positions in the community not only in Nepal, but also in other countries.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Japanese auto brand Toyota is the world’s leading car manufacturer. Luxury car maker Toyota has around a dozen vehicles in Nepal. The Rav 4, Fortuner, Prado, Land Cruiser, Camry and other models are priced at over Rs 10 million.

Toyota’s most expensive car is the Land Cruiser LC200 VX. It cost up to Rs 27 million. Similarly, the Toyota Land Cruiser ‘LC 70’ price is Rs 16 million.

Hyundai, Santa Fe

The Korean Motors company Hyundai also has expensive cars. Hyundai ‘Santa Fe’ cost more than Rs. 10 million rupees. The SUV segment is priced at Rs 14.5 million in Nepal. This vehicle has been the choice of people with diplomatic missions, projects, high income.

Laxmi Hyundai is the authorized dealer of the Hyundai cars. According to the Laxmi Hyundai, 8-9 units of Santa Fe cars sold every year.

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen is a German luxury car brand. In Nepal, Volkswagen’s Touareg cost Rs 15.5 million in Nepal. Volkswagen’s Touareg is fully loaded with exclusive and luxury features. Another variant Touareg Exclusive also available in Nepali Market. This model costs Rs 18.2 million.


Driving BMW vehicles are symbols of rich people. BMW is a world-famous premium luxury car brand with expensive models, also running on Nepali roads. BMW is the choice of most rich people in the world. Lately, these cars have also entered Nepal.


Subaru is a famous luxury brand in Japan. Various models of Subaru vehicles are running in Nepal. Expensive Subaru cars costing between Rs 10.7 million and Rs 13 million. Subaru vehicles are available in both automatic and manual gears.


Japanese luxury brand Mazda’s cars are among the most expensive cars available in Nepal. Out of four variants of Mazda, three are priced above Rs 10 million. The Mazda CX5 is priced at Rs 16.5 million, the Mazda 6 at Rs 15.4 million and the Mazda CX3 at Rs 12.5 million.


The Jaguar car was introduced in Nepal by Kishor Gear in 2014. Jaguar is the premium British brand that has been already entered the Nepali market. The British company Land Rover has been producing Jaguar cars. There are two models of Jaguar cars available in Nepal.

Two models, Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJL, run on Nepali roads. As it is an old model, the price of XF is set at Rs 13 million to Rs 14 million and that of XJL is set at Rs 15 million to Rs 16 million.