EDV result 2021 | How to check EDV Lottery result 2021 – Detail info

edv 2021 result

Have you applied for Electronic Diversity Visa ( EDV ) Lottery 2021? here is the good news, dv lottery 2021 result has published on june 6 at 9:45 PM according nepali time.

If you have filled EDV form already and you are lucky, then you may be one of the immigrants entering the United States of America. If you are not selected for DV lottery 2020, then you could be lucky for DV lottery 2021 Program, The dv lottery 2021 result is out . If you have applied for dv lottery 2021, You could be winner of dv lottery 2021.

How to check DV lottery 2021 result?

You can check your result here online, entering your confirmation number, last name and birth year.


You must have 16 digit confirmation number to check the EDV result 2021. You won’t receive an email, notification or phone call regarding DV result whether selected or not.

Here is the video instruction step by step

If yes, then you may be looking for a EDV result . Whether you were selected in DV lottery or not, you’re curious to know. For them who were not selected for EDV result 2020 , here is a good result, DV 2021 result has been published. 

If you are selected, you can legally enter the United States easily. 

Every year, thousands of lucky immigrants enter the United States under the EDV Lottery program. Most people in the world take America as a dream world and DV program as a golden ticket.

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What is Electronic Diversity Visa – EDV Lottery?

Electronic Diversity Visa – EDV Program is the official gateway for immigrants to enter the United States of American. The DV program is held every year. Every year, the United States of America ( USA ) welcomes 50,000 skilled immigrants from all over the world through DV program. This program also is known as the American Green Card. To apply for DV program certain eligibility has to be fulfilled otherwise, the application will be rejected.

Who can apply for EDV lottery?

  • The applicant must have passed high school academic level to apply for DV program.
  • Since the applicant cannot certify an academic qualification, he must have more than 2 years of experience in any employment specified by the DV program.
  • The applicant must provide a valid passport number to apply for DV program.

Like the previous years, the result of this year’s EDV lottery 2020 has been public. Millions of immigrants worldwide participated in DV lottery program with the dream of entering the United States. DV lottery is completely free to participate all around the world.

Peoples from all over the world participated in the DV lottery 2020. This year too, most of the Nepalese participated in the DV lottery from October 3, 2018 – Nov6, 2018. Many Nepalese have already reached the United States through this DV program. The state government has already published the EDV results for 2020. To check EDV result Click here, you are selected or not.

How to check EDV result 2020

You must have 16 digit confirmation number to check the DV result. You won’t receive an email, notification or phone call regarding DV result whether selected or not. This is the only way to see the DV result.

The result can easily be found by entering confirmation number, name and date of birth. Here is the step by step instruction to check DV result 2020.

  • First, go to the browser and visit on https://dvprogram.state.gov/ page which operates by Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State.
  • When page opens, click check status

dv lottery 2021 result
  • When another page opens, then click Continue button
  • Now, you will reach to Entrant detail submission page.
  • In this page, you need to submit confirmation code, last name/first name and year of birth, after this you need to fill captcha given on the page.
  • Now press Submit button After this You will reach to next page where you will be notified whether you are selected or not for the EDV lottery program.

NOTE: Confirmation number can be found in the confirmation page, which you have saved earlier after completion of DV application. 16 digit EDV confirmation number looks like this 20209DPMNUTRWLOF.

Last name/First name and year of birth can be found in the same confirmation page.

How to recover Confirmation Number? if you lost it

Confirmation number is most important for search DV results. You must keep it safe and confidential until the DV result published. if you have filled the application yourself, you should have printed or saved the Confirmation page after filling out of EDV application. It contains the most important details. If you lost it you should recover to see the result.

You can recover confirmation number by going to official EDV lottery page by submitting ‘Forgot confirmation number‘. To retrieve a confirmation number, the entrant’s information must be verified.

How to recover Confirmation Number

  • Another page opens again, then You need to submit your detail information
    • Your full name
    • Date of birth
    • Your email address used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form
    • At last, you need to authenticate with filling captcha.
    • Then press Submit button and done
      • This is how you will recover your Confirmation Number.

Note: Every year the EDV Lottery program is opened. Millions of people from all over the world participate in the program to win the DV lottery and enter the United States. It is good to participate in this program and test your destiny. We also wish you the best of luck to be the winner. But suggest for all applicants,

Not to be too much crazy about the DV program. Lots of EDV related scam program are runnning around the web and asking for payment. DV lottery is absolutely free program, no need to pay any fee. You can just participate DV program through official site www.dvlottery.state.gov, Don’t get in scams.

Best of luck to all readers, we wish you all could win EDV Lottery 2021.