Durgesh Thapa’s New Song ‘Bicha Bicha Ma 3 Besar Going Viral (Video)

durgesh thapa

Recently, very popular singer Durgesh Thapa has come up with a new song ‘Bicha Bicha Ma 3 Besar’. Singer Durgesh is seen differently in this song presenting himself wearing a sari in different Avatar. Singer Durgesh and co-actors can be seen in this song while dancing in a sari.

The song has managed to get a lot of views on YouTube in a short time. The song is written by Basanta Thapa and the music is composed by him. The song, which received around 1.5 million views in a single day, has been made public on Eenakshi Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

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This song, which has been prepared by incorporating social issues, has become popular in the market lately. The song satirizes the problems caused by lockdown, corona virus and political issues. Two weeks ago, Durgesh’s ‘Bichch Bichchma-2’ was released, which also became a very popular song.

The video ‘Bichch Bichchma-3 Besar’ has been directed and choreographed by Kajis Shrestha and edited by Milan Vishwakarma. This video has been shot by Arjun Tiwari & Team, it has post production of Dragon Pictures.

The video features Durgesh Thapa, Jibi Chiran, Chiranjibi Sapkota, Kazis Shrestha, Jeevan Sahini Chhetri, Lomas Sharma, Santosh Bania and Prem Khadka. After the song ‘HAMI PANI NACHNA PARCHHA BICHCHA BICHCHMA’ got a lot of popularity in last year’s Teej, he has brought a different style of Teej songs this year.