DishHome Fibernet – Online Class Package for Students | Price & Package

dishhome online class package

With the rise of the third wave of Covid-19 in Nepal, DishHome Fibernet has brought ‘Student Online Class Package’ at affordable prices. Due to Covid, the government has instructed all educational institutions to close physical classes and start online education. With this in mind, Dishhome has come up with an ‘online class package’ with the objective of facilitating the education of students.

Many schools and colleges have started teaching online again. That’s why internet service provider DishHome has announced a ‘Student Online Class package’ with the aim of making it easier for students to take online classes.

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Dishhome has brought 3 types of package offers.

Under this package, it will cost Rs 288 per student per month. The package is Rs 488 per month for two students and Rs 588 per month for three students.

For information about the Online Student Package, contact 9801544000.

How to subscribe package?

To subscribe to this package, you can contact your nearest ‘Dishhome Dealer Dai’. Similarly, the package can be purchased by contacting Dishhome’s hotline number 9801544000.

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How to Get 1 Month Free DishHome?

DishHome FiberNet has a referral offer. In this offer, Dishhome customers can get 1-month free internet by referring. Customers can refer dishhome to their relatives and friends.

This offer is available at all DishHome FiberNet locations. Simply customers can refer Dishhome and get free internet.

If you are confused about this offer or more information, call the customer service centre at 9801544000.

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