Daraz online shopping Nepal | How to buy in daraz Nepal 2020

Online shopping Trend is increasing rapidly in Nepal. Daraz online is most popular shopping site of Nepal. Daraz is delivering hundreds of thousand products to Nepalese customer’s doorsteps. Online shopping is the easiest and most convenient way of shopping nowadays, which can be done from home. Customer’s also getting more faith in this trend. You just need a laptop or smartphone with internet connection, browse products and order. That’s it, once an order is done, your products will be delivered at your home. Most customers are now connected with daraz online shopping in Nepal.

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daraz online shopping nepal sale

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Daraz is consistently growing in the Nepali market, the customer base and community of sellers are also growing faster than before. Daraz is acquired by Alibaba in 2018, since then it has access of most advance system of Alibaba. You can find thousands of products in daraz platform as your requirements. No need to go mall, search in different shop. Another facility of Daraz is multiple Payment option. Customer can pay by cards, esewa or COD ( cash on delivery).

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How You can order in Daraz online

To order products from daraz, you need to sign up account. You can sign up with facebook or email both. Then you can browse thousand of products as your need. Once you find your product, Add it to cart and check out if done. After that you will be asked for delivery address and payment option. You can choose payment option as you wish, by card or Cash on delivery.

Most people prefer payment option of Cash on delivery. This option allows you to pay just after the product delivered. Once product is ordered, seller delivers product to your home.

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How to track your order in Daraz?

After your order has been placed, Daraz will give you a tracking number and link through SMS, mail, and app from which you can add your order. This link can also be tracked by clicking on the track order:

Keep the Daraz notifications on your phone, so the Daraz will automatically inform you of your order.

Track Order in the daraz?

1. Open the Daraz app
2. If not logged in, log in
3. Click on “My Account” or “Account.”
4. Now click on “View all”

5. Press on the item you ordered
6. Now click on “Processing”

online shopping daraz nepal

7. Here you can see stages about delivery of your goods
8. Goods delivered after completing all these steps:

daraz shopping complete

Another way is to go to the message section of your app and watch. There you will find information about all your orders in the Order section.

Why Become a Daraz Dealer?

The potential for e-commerce in Nepal is huge. The country is moving towards the digital age. And with the increasing credibility and awareness, e-commerce is sure to rise. Shopping online is very simple. Consumers can easily find, choose, and deliver to their homes only on the Internet and phone or computer.

Every day thousands of products sold online from Daraz platform. Daraz sellers can take benefit and sells the huge number of product online very easily. No need stores, no need to pay rent or employee tension.

How to be a Daraz Dealer? how to sale online

It is quite easy to become a seller in a daraz. You can open your own online shop by becoming a daraz seller in just three steps. With daraz, you can grow your business every month by expanding your reach to over 7 million consumers in all corners of Nepal.

simple 3 steps to start selling on Daraz platform

  1. Register and list the product
  2. Receive orders, pack products, sell across Nepal
  3. Get payments and grow business.

The Benefits of Being a Seller in a Daraz

Along with the daraz, you can get exposure among consumers from all around the country with your products. And thus you can easily grow the business. Daraz helps you to reach over 700,000+ Nepali consumers every month.  No shop rent, no employee salary, no headache of product delivery. Register and sell immediately, isn’t very easy.

once order received, order should be package and drop-off at daraz. Rest of the process done by daraz. Daraz delivers product to customers doorstep and deposit payment to sellers bank account. Sellers can benefit from new and improved systems, collaboration with Alibaba. With these systems, you can create your own success.

Here are the ways to become a daraz seller:

Step 1: Register and list the products

To register your business in the daraz, business must be registered in PAN or VAT. In addition, they must have an account with a bank in the name of their business. There is no cost to register, it’s a free process.

To register as a seller, visit this site: https://bit.ly/2rVwe3R

Step 2. Receive orders, pack similar and sell

After registering, Create your own shop and list the products. Now, after registering and listing, you can sell products here. You will then receive similar orders from consumers soon. You can manage these orders using the Seller Center.

Through Daraz, you can access over 7 million Nepali consumers every month. After receiving orders from consumers, you will have to pack the orders, leave it to the daraz office.

Stage 3. Get paid, grow your business

After the daraz delivers the product and receive payment from customer. Seller’s will be able to get payments to their bank account. Daraz will charge seller a small fee, the amount raised from sales. Along the daraz you can reach all the major cities of Nepal. The drawer can be easily distributed to 22 major cities of Nepal.

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Daraz online shopping Nepal | Buy & sell in daraz Nepal 2020