Returning to Nepal, Check the List of Custom dutiable & non-duties items

custom duty nepal

Do you work abroad? Is it time to come home on vacation? If so, you might be wondering, what items should you take as a gift in Nepal? Before buying goods abroad, get information about custom duty of Nepal so that you don’t get inconvenienced.

Every time you don’t get the ideal situation so you should be aware of the customs duty. So get the information about the goods & customs duty on it. When you return to Nepal, and if you don’t know about it, you will have trouble & spend unnecessary money from saving.

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You should bring only your important goods which do not incur customs duty. Goods should not be brought in by hiding them and evading customs. This can get you into legal trouble.


Custom Duty in Nepal

Nepal government does not charge customs duty on all goods. Goods are determined on the base of personal use or not, and customs office confirms import duty on it. Each and every item is checked on TIA so customs confirms whether duty is exempted or not.

custom duty nepal 2022
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Tribhuban International Airport is the customs point for those coming from abroad. Where customs duty is paid. So it is better for you to buy goods according to purpose.

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If you bring unnecessary goods to Nepal thinking that there will be no customs duties, you may have a big problem.

The government has given some discounts to workers who have been employed abroad for more than 1 year.

Free Custom Duty on TV

If you spend more than 1 year abroad, you can bring up to 32-inch TV to Nepal without custom duty. But if you bring a TV above 32 inches, you have to pay the customs duty according to the inch.

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Apart from that, personal items such as a watch, camera, mobile phone, and pen drive are allowed to bring 1/1 piece each. Similarly, laptop/tablet and old household items can also be taken as duty-free. But bringing goods other than personal use in large quantities will incur customs duties.

If you are also looking for what is taxed and what is not, please see the list below for complete information.

Free Custom Duty

  • Watch, camera, mobile phone, pen drive – 1 piece
  • Laptop/Tablet – 1 pc
  • Patient’s medication
  • Perambulator/Tricycle – 1 pc
  • 7 kg of food
  • Used clothes/bed linen
  • Same as the old household
  • Liquor – 1 liter
  • TV up to 32 inches – 1 pc

Customs Duty Applicable

  • Gold – 100 grams
  • Clothes, shoes, cosmetics – 15 items
  • Cigarettes – 200 Pc
  • Garnish – 50 pieces
  • TV above 32 inches – 1 pc
  • Music player – 1 piece
  • Refrigerator, Radio, – 1/1 piece
  • Washing machine – 1 piece
  • Goods to increase the efficiency of business people – 1 piece
  • Household items – 2/2 pieces
  • Mixer/Juicer – 2/2 pcs
  • Sewing Machine/Iron – 2/2 pcs
  • Household items including rice cooker – 2/2 piece