Nepal Telecom CUG Package | Unlimited Calls, Data and SMS Bundles – 2021

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Nepal Telecom has introduced a CUG package for its customers. The CUG package is specifically targeted at employees and members working in corporate offices or organizations. NTC has provided many attractive facilities for corporate user group in CUG packages. Due to this the customer’s attraction has increased.

What is CUG?

CUG means a corporate user group. Employees of an organization or company are grouped together for communication easily and cheap, which is called CUG.

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A minimum of 10 mobile users is required for the CUG plan. Free unlimited voice calls are available in the group between the CUG members. CUG members get cheap data and SMS facilities. CUG members can call at an affordable rate outside CUG numbers.

The company has brought various CUG packages of Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500. In all these packages, CUG customers get unlimited calls to the CUG numbers in the group.

Nepal Telecom – CUG Packages

Nepal Telecom CUG Package

In Rs 200 – CUG plan, this plan is available for prepaid users. Prepaid customers can make unlimited calls with every member of the group. Apart from that, 100 minutes voice call facility is available on the Nepal Telecom network and 10 minutes voice facility is available on other networks. Similarly, 1 GB data pack is available and 50 SMS can be sent within the NTC network.

In Rs 500 – CUG plan, postpaid mobile users can make unlimited calls to CUG members in the group. The 500-minute voice call is available within the NTC network and the 50-minute voice call is available on other networks. In this plan, 5 GB data facility is available which can be used at any time. 100 SMS (NT-NT) and 30 (NT-Other network) SMS also available.

Apart from this, other CUG packages of Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 are also available for postpaid mobile users. These plans are suitable for large groups. These packages also have unlimited group calls and data bundles.

In Rs 1000 – CUG plan, Unlimited call facility is available within the CUG Group. Outside the group, a total of 1000 minutes of voice calls are available on the NT network monthly, or unlimited voice calls are available from 7 am to 7 pm. In addition, 100 minutes of call facility and 200 SMS can be sent to other networks. 10 GB of data is available in this package.

In Rs 1500 – CUG Plan, unlimited calls allowed in the CUG group and 1500 minutes of monthly voice calls allowed for NT -NT network or an unlimited call facility is available from 7 am to 7 pm. On other networks, 200 minutes of call facility available and 400 SMS can be sent. In addition, this plan has a 20 GB data facility.

How to activate CUG package?

If any organization or office staffs want to get CUG service, they have to contact the customer service of Nepal Telecom along with the letter mentioning the mobile numbers and the package they want to get.

The activate CUG package, group of a minimum of 10 prepaid or postpaid mobile users required. The CUG package is provided to the designated customers after applying to Telecom with all the details and numbers.

So, Want to get CUG service? Or do you want to know more about it? Call 01-4210241 and 01-4210291. You can also get detailed information from the company’s website, For that Click Here.