Cartoon Crew | Melina Rai’s New video – ‘Sakhar Chini’ | Ft. Saroj & Ashma

the cartoonz crew

Saroj Adhikari and Aashma Bishwakarma’s new music video has been released. The cartoon crew Saroj and Ashma are featured in the song ‘Sakhar Chini’. The song is sung by famous singer Melina Rai and Padam Rai.

The song ‘Sakhar Chini’ was presented by Kendra Motion Pictures, which is also subtitled as Sugar-Free Song. The song, sung by Melina Rai & Padam Rai, is composed by Shankar Thapa Smile. The lyrics of this song are written by DP Khanal.

cartoonz crew is Popular dance crew in Nepal, recently performed in Melina’s Sugar Free Song. Sugar free song is arranged by Suman KC which is recorded in A One Musician. The song is recorded by Rajesh Shrestha and Mixing/Mastering work done by Kishor Thapa.

The video of sugar free song is made awesome, where Saroj Adhikari, Aashma Bishwakarma and the team have performed perfectly. Cinematography work is done by Nabaraj Uprety, Nabin Niraula has edited the video. The video is Choreographed by Subol Thapa and Directed by Gamvir Bista. The video is uploaded on Kendra Motion Pictures official channel.

The cartoonz crew – Introduction

The cartoon crew is Nepal’s top dance crew. The crew has performed lots of Nepali music video along with Some cover songs. In this time, Saroj adhikari and Aashma Bishwakarma is included in Cartoon crew. Before some time, the crew has some more crew members included but later the left the group.

Saroj and Aashma were leading dancer in the group but because of some internal reason, all other members left the group officially last year. You can easily find a biography of Saroj Adhikari and Aashma Bishwakarma on the web all around. The group was found by Saroj Adhikari with co-founder Sabin Shrestha.

The cartoonz crew has an official Youtube channel where they used to upload cover videos of the crew and other official music videos. With millions of subscriber the channel is one of the most famous channels in Nepal. Saroj and Aashma have also performed as lead actors in the’21st Love’ web series for two seasons with 21 episodes. These two actors have the best chemistry in dancing and acting. Rumors are all around, crew member Saroj and Aashma are in a relationship but they don’t want to disclose the status about the relation.