Vacancy in British Gurkha and Singapore Police | Check Date & Qualification

british gorkha vacancy

Do you want to join the British Gorkha Force? So there is good news for you. Applications are open for British Gurkha and Singapore Police. There is a golden opportunity for those who want to make a career and earn money by enlisting in the British Gurkha and Singapore police.

As in previous years, new recruits to the British Gurkha and Singapore Police Force are being opened for 2023.

British Gorkha Application date

Want to join British Gurkha and Singapore Police? You can apply for it from Chaitra 21, 2078.

Interested candidates will be able to apply online till Baishakh 25.

British Gurkha and Singapore Police Selection

The first round of selection of candidates who have applied online will be held at British Gorkha Camp Pokhara and Dharan. The selection process will be conducted in Pokhara and Dharan from 9th Jestha to 13th Shrawan and in Surkhet ( AWC Bheri) from 9th Jestha to Asaar 5th.

British Gurkha and Singapore Police Requirement

Must have passed minimum SLC or SEE for Gurkha recruitment. Similarly, the C grading system should be mandatory in English and Mathematics.

Candidates wishing to enroll in British Gurkha must register their name, surname, NPP number and district online. The online registration process will be conducted from Chaitra 21 to Baishakh 25.

Successful candidates in the online registration process will be notified through the website for the first stage selection.

Age Requirements

Age is also important for Gurkha recruitment. For that, by January 1, 2023, at least 18 years must have passed. Similarly, the maximum age should be less than 21 years.

The height of the candidate should be at least 158 ​​cm.

british gorkha