What is Banking Fraud? How to Avoid it & be safe?

banking fraud

We all deposit our hard-earned money in a bank for safety, saving & compounding. But how safe is it? Yes, it is safe but there are some chances of banking fraud. For that, we all should be aware. But we should always be aware of banking fraud, recently so many cases of banking fraud and scams we can see. This is a very big problem for everyone.

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There are many types of banking fraud. Stealing your money through various means without information is called banking fraud. For this, the account holder himself should be alert.
Banking fraud is being perpetrated using debit or credit cards, chequebooks and mobile or internet banking. Similarly, cybercriminals can steal your money through various scams through email, internet and messenger, it is called phishing.

How to avoid banking frauds and scammers?

  • It is very important for everyone to be aware of the banking system.
  • The first thing customers need to do is secure their personal information.
  • Like Name, address, phone number, mobile number, date of birth, account number, card number, last date, PIN CVV password, username, etc.)
  • This information should not be given to anyone other than the person concerned when needed.
  • It is not appropriate to give complete information even to the representative of the bank.
  • Email, internet and messenger scams should be avoided.
  • You may receive phone calls and messages saying that you have been awarded a large sum of money, this is also a scam.
  • Do not open unknown attachments in emails and messages
  • Similarly, confidential information of the bank should not be given in schemes like Lottery, DV, Holiday.
  • You need to change your password and ATM PIN from time to time.
  • This prevents personal information from being leaked and keeps the account secure.