Buying a new motorbike? Bajaj Motorbikes price and discount scheme

pulsar 150

Are you thinking of buying a motorbike? If you need a motorbike to use in your daily life, then you are definitely looking for the price of a bike. Today we will give information about the Bajaj motorbikes, a very popular motorcycle brand in Nepal.

Bajaj is one of the most popular brands sold in Nepal. The Pulsar is the most popular bike of the Bajaj brand. Bajaj motorbikes have 14 models ranging from 1,67,900 to 529,900 available in the Nepali market.

bajaj motorbikes - pulsar 150 price

After a long lockdown, Bajaj has also come up with various schemes for its customers. HH Bajaj, Nepal’s official distributor for Bajaj, offers a discount of Rs 12,000 on ‘full cash’ when buying a motorcycle and a 0% interest rate on a 50 percent down payment. Similarly, HH Bajaj has come up with a plan to provide motorcycles with 20% down payment.

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Bajaj bikes and Prices in Nepal

Bike ModelPower ( CC)Price
Platina 100 ES102 cc1,76,900
Discover 125 Drum124.4 cc1,89,900
Discover 125 Disc124.4 cc1,96,900
Discover 125 ST124.5 cc2,06,900
Pulsar 125124.3 cc2.24,900
Puslar 150149.5 cc2,57,900
Puslar 150 TD149.5 cc2,68,900
Puslar 160 NS DD160.3 cc2,89,900
Puslar 200 NS ABS199.5 cc3,36,900
Puslar 200 NS AFI ABS199.5 cc3,56,900
Puslar 220F220 cc3,16,900
Puslar 220F ABS220 cc3,32,900
Avenger 220 Cruize220 cc3,41,900
Dominar 400 ABS373.27 cc5,29,900

Poonam Singh, general manager of the company, said that the company had good sales on average after the lockdown. “Despite the market boom after the shutdown, sales are satisfactory,” she said. Customers usually wait for the new year or decade to buy a motorcycle. The Corona epidemic has also led to an increase in private transport sales.