How Powerful is Airplane Jet Engine? How do Airplanes Fly?

airplane jet engine

Have you ever seen an airplane flying in the sky? You may have a question in your mind, how can an airplane of hundreds of tons fly in the sky? Have you tried to know about it? Airplane Jet Engine is the reason behind it. So please read this article completely, your curiosity will disappear.

How do Airplanes Fly?

Before knowing how an airplane flies, let’s go over the structure of the plane. Every airplane has at least 2 engines, which produce over a million pounds of thrust. Because of this, a ship of hundreds of tons can fly at a speed of 1000 km above 40,000 feet.

Although the airplane engine looks small, it is incredibly powerful. A jet engine can easily lift a 1.5-tonne van. Testing a jet engine is extremely dangerous. In fact, the airplane engine is many times more powerful than expected when it is at full speed.

Do you know, which is the biggest airplane in the world? And how much thrust does a powerful Airplane Jet engine generate?

Most Powerful Jet Engine

Boeing 777 is the most modern and largest aircraft nowadays. It uses the GE9X jet engine, which is the largest and most powerful engine to date. The weight of this jet engine made by General Electric Company is more than 9 tons.

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The GE9X is the jet engine that produces more than 134,000 pounds of thrust, which means that 2 engines produce up to 260,000 pounds of thrust. Therefore, it has been named the largest and most powerful engine in the Guinness World Records.

The GE9X engine, which produces the highest thrust on the least fuel due to its large fan and lightweight design, is used in the giant Boeing 777.

Even if one of the 2 engines fails for some reason, the ship can fly safely. From this, you can also know how powerful the engine of the airplane is.

What is Thrust?

You may be wondering what is thrust. A thrust is a unit of force measurement. This means thrust is the measurement used to suddenly move forward or speed up the aircraft. To say that an airplane jet engine produces up to 1,00,000 pounds of thrust means that the engine can propel a ship of that weight.

What if someone comes in front of the engine?

What happens if a person comes close to a running jet engine? A running engine draws air in at high speed from the front and blows it out at a higher speed from the back. This means that if there is a person or object in front of the engine, it will be pulled into the engine with the speed of the wind.

During air travel, you may have noticed that the doors of the plane are never opened for passengers until the plane’s engine is shut down. This is done for the safety of all passengers.