7 interesting facts about Mars, You should know

interesting facts of mars

Every planet in the solar system has some unique features. So far, scientists have done extensive research on the solar system, and research is still ongoing. Scientists have done a lot of research on Mars, which is considered to be a special planet in the solar system. You will know interesting facts about Mars, in this article.

interesting facts of mars

Mars is believed to have the potential for life after Earth. Countries such as the United States, Russia and China are planning to send humans to Mars to investigate. Although Mars is so far from Earth, it is unlikely that humans will reach Mars in the near future.

Here are 7 interesting facts about Mars

  • Mars, also known as the Red Planet, is an Earth-like planet.
  • Mars has areas ranging from volcanoes to valleys and deserts to polar ice caps.
  • The polar region of Mars has a much lower temperature than Earth. The minimum temperature there reaches -140 degrees Celsius. Also, dust storms blow on Mars.
  • Mars also has 4 main seasons. Autumn, summer, autumn and cold. The length of these four seasons is almost double the length of the seasons in the Earth.
  • Mars has less gravity than Earth. So if a person weighing 100 kg goes to Mars, his weight is 38 kg.
  • Earth has only one moon. While Mars has two moons. The moons of Mars are Demos and Phobos. Phobos is 13.8 miles in diameter and Demos is 7.8 miles in diameter.
  • Like Earth, the surface of Mars is made up of four layers. Crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. The chemical composition of these layers is also said to be similar to that of the Earth.
  • Earth and Mars come closest to each other in about 2 years. At that time, Mars can be clearly seen from the earth even with the naked eye. On October 6, Mars came closest to Earth. Now in December 2022 Mars again comes closer to Earth.