Use such mobile phones to run 4G Properly

Nepal Telecom is currently providing 4G data services. Through radio waves of 1800 MHz (Band 3) and 800 MHz (Band 20) bands. Both 800 and 1800 MHz frequencies are used to provide 4G data service and quality voice service. In urban areas and high population density in rural areas too.

Although most of the currently used mobile sets can be used at 1800 MHz. Only a limited 800 MHz mobile set is available. Since 800 MHz 4G service is available in remote, remote and most rural areas of the country. This band operated mobile set should be used to utilize 4G service.

4g data service- ntc

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It is also necessary to use a mobile set running in both bands for maximum productivity of the 4G. In the absence of a suitable mobile set, the maximum benefit of the service can be overstated.

The company is currently expanding its service to various cities and rural areas of the country. Therefore, in order to get the maximum benefit through the 4G Data service. It is necessary to use mobile sets running on both 1800 and 800 MHz bands.

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Buying a new mobile set can be done by looking at the technical details. Which available in its box to find out which MHz is the mobile set. Likewise, the network should always be given priority over network setting in the setting of mobile. If this is possible then 4G or other technology may be used.

The company plans to operate 4G services at 2300 MHz (band 40) in the near future. With its availability, customers will be able to access 4G service at greater speed and quality with greater ease. Currently, the company has provided 4G services in 64 districts of the country. Users of this service have crossed 28 million across the country.

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